Frequently Asked Questions


> General Questions About Axis
What is Axis?
Axis stands for Agrovista eXchange Information System and is an online information hub designed to bring together many pieces of information and systems into one place.
Who is Axis for?
Farm owners, Farm Managers, Operators, Contractors, and Consultants are an example of people who will be able to gain advantage from using the system.
How do I get onto Axis?
You simply fill in the registration form and you will be emailed your login details.
I am currently not an Agrovista cutomer, can I sign up?
Yes, you don’t have to be a customer to register for Axis, there are some functions that will not be pre-populated such as ‘My Account’ and features where agronomist and customer are linked such as ‘Task list’. There are however many more features that are available at the various subscription levels, please see the subscription level section for more info.
Is Axis free?
There are three main levels of users within Axis to cater for all users. The basic bronze level is free, silver and gold have subscription charges dependent on your requirements. Please see the subscription levels section for more info.
Can I get a demo of Axis before committing?
We are offering 4 weeks free trial of the full Axis package when you sign up and enter your credit card details into the Sagepay system.
Does this mean you will charge me after 4 weeks if I forget to cancel?
No, we will issue you with reminders and if you take no action you will be downgraded to the free Bronze level until such time as you authorise a subscription.
I don’t have a company credit card, can Axis just be charged to my Agrovista account?
At present we can only take paid subscriptions (Silver & Gold) via credit cards through the secure Sagepay method, we are working on making other payment methods available in the near future.
I see there is a crop recording package, what is this?
We have teamed up with Muddyboots software to integrate their new Greenlight Grower Management package into Axis, this has been developed using their many years experience in crop recording solutions.
My agronomist currently keeps all my records, why would I need a crop recording package such as the one in Axis?
Whilst your agronomist may keep details of cropping, fertiliser, and spraying plans there are often areas where collaboration between many parties will ensure the best records are kept. For instance you may wish your operator to fill in varieties as they are planted and the date it happened. If you use a spray contractor then they can use the iPad app to confirm when applications have been made, which will instantly update the main user and agronomist that it has been completed, ensuring improved efficiency for all parties. Another advantage is that you can have access to all this information both present and historic at the click of a button.
Does Axis have a mapping package like other programmes such as gatekeeper?
Axis has an integrated online mapping solution which gives a visualisation of field boundaries, in 2014 this will be upgraded to include many precision farming functions that are available on gatekeeper. The basic map system will be available to all users, the extra features precision farming functions will be available for gold subscribers of Axis.
If I sign up for Silver does it mean that I will have to enter all of my field and cropping information?
If your agronomist has been using Muddyboots Cropwalker to make your recommendations then all of that information will already be there for you, if not the input system is very intuitive to use.
> Technical Information
What devices can I use Axis on?
Axis is a web based package so you can use it on any device that has a web browser and an active internet connection via broadband or 3G/4G.
Is Axis an ‘app’?
No Axis is not an app, if you are a silver or gold subscriber you will get an iPad app for Greenlight Grower Manager included to allow data capture in the field ‘offline’.
What if I don’t have an iPad but another tablet?
The app has been released on the iPad first, there will be other versions announced for 2014.
Will I need any training to use Axis?
Axis is very simple to use for even casual computer users, however there are training modules within Axis, some of these of which are tutorial videos. Our agronomists have been trained how to use Axis and can offer assistance where required.